Raphael Gratzl


Life is beautiful and colorful!


True to the motto, it is close to my heart to bring joy and happiness into the everyday life of every single person with my art.


Since my childhood I have been painting and have tried out many different techniques and materials. I have always made the art for myself, because I have always had great joy in it.


But then one day the moment came when I entered this gallery and I came in contact with “Pop Art” for the first time.
I will never forget it, because it completely changed my life and my view of art. I realized that art does not have to be “heavy”, no, on the contrary, Pop Art seemed to me “light, happy, free”. A completely new side of art, which conquered me immediately and which I immediately took into my heart.
Like a little boy I stood with open mouth in front of these brilliant works of the “big names” of the “Pop Art” scene and thought how it is only possible to create something so beautiful. Something that brings so much joy to your face. It was exactly the moment when I decided for me to no longer make my art “only” for me, but to want to share it with the world and to let everyone participate.


Exactly the same reactions I experience today very often at fairs and in my studio, when people fall in love with my art and they stand radiant in front of my works.


And it is exactly these moments that lead me to new inspirations and show me that my message of joy and happiness is being received in everyday life.


And so my path through entering this gallery led me from painting on various materials to painting on Plexiglas, to stained glass, with which I can realize my art, my thoughts and ideas according to my own ideas and carry my message of joy and happiness in everyday life into the world the way I imagine it:


And this with my colorful works of art painted with lacquer on glass.